Nice Water Company


It is airy and pleasant to drink with a strong moisturizing effect on the body. This water is suitable for use during meals. "NICE WATER" is an unique water that has beneficial, cleansing effect on the organism. It has a low mineral content and the result of the technological treatment is the activation of the water to 65%. This qualifies it as AVERAGE ACTIVE. "NICE WATER" hydrates effectively and rejuvenates the skin, cleans the cell and extends its life. It is a natural prophylactic agent for each day and for people working in a polluted environment or leading a sedentary lifestyle. It is recommended for diabetics due to the low level of sodium. By taking it every day you feel refreshed, lively and healthy. It is the natural ally of our health.
• Mineral Content - 80 mg/l • pH - 7.2

I drink nice water!