Nice Water Company


"Nice Water Company" has the most modern factory for water bottling in Bulgaria. It was built near the spring in the "Aronitsa" area under the Rhodope collar. The terrain is outlined in the maps of the region of Plovdiv as an ecologically clean area.
The factory has an ultra-modern equipment. It owns all known international certificates for quality and control.
The company has built a distribution network throughout the country for delivery of table, spring and mineral water in bottles of 19 liters. Our products are used by both households and corporations, factories, administrations, etc.
The company offers machines for hot and cold water and specialized service for them.
Short background. A main supplier of "Nice Water Company" is "Aqua Kom" Ltd., which was established in 1999. The same year comes out the first product with the trademark "Jiva voda", which in 2003 was renamed to "Jivena". Since then the development can be illustrated with clear pointing upwards straight line. After "Jivena" the company developed more three marks – "Nice Water", "Activa Nice Water" и "Аronitsa", that are imposed quickly among consumers.
Since 2009 "Aqua Kom" Ltd. is the official representative of "Nice Water Company" for Plovdiv and the region. More than ten years it has been a leader in the bottling and distribution of various types of water in reusable water bottle (19 liters) and machines for hot and cold water..
The bottling takes place near the spring and it is done by using modern technology, which fulfils all European quality and control standards. Before reaching the consumer the water is tested and examined repeatedly, for which purpose "Nice Water Company" has its own laboratory.


The spring "Nice Water" is located in "Aronitsa" area – ecological clean zone under the Rhodope collar.
The characteristics of water is determined by Neogene - Quaternary aquifer and belongs to the group of fresh and cold waters. The content is determined by various useful for the human body salts and minerals.
There is a legend of the spring, which says it is miraculous. "Nice water" – this way Slavs named the source once. When a woman drinks water from the spring, it becomes more beautiful, and when a man quench his thirst with this water, he becomes strong and powerful.


The certificate includes the following main criteria for evaluation of the products - candidates for supply in the trade network of the company:
1. Origin, location, mineral content and purity of the spring, which produces the water.
2. Processing и бутилиране на водата, което включва:
- hygienic and sanitary standards of the production space;
- technological requirements for the cleaning and preparation of the bottles for filling;
- evaluation of the purification and processing of crude product (the water);
- strict control of the staff, doing the bottling of the water;
- security measures at the production site;
- control of the entire technological process.
3. Storage of finished production before its release in trade network:
- hygienic and sanitary standards of the store;
- availability of a quarantine area;
- staff access to the storage room.
4. Transport and delivery to the end user:
- motor fleet meeting the requirements for the transport of the food products;
- hygiene requirements for suppliers and workers engaged in loading and unloading;
- accompanying documentation and marking of the expiry date;
- description of the content of the product;
- following and control of the routes of transportation to the customer;
- protective stickers guaranteeing the authenticity of the product.

From everything said so far the creation of the certificate has a single purpose: To guarantee to consumers that the product meets all standards and requirements for use and supply.

I drink nice water!